Empower your maintenance team to be the best

Improve maintenance efficiency, workplace safety, and employee satisfaction with Mobile-Shop portable maintenance carts.


Maintenance Tool Carts Work SMARTER. Not HARDER.

The Gold Standard in Rolling & Portable Maintenance Carts and Tools Organization Since 2004.


Numbered & labeled pockets for effortless
organization, quick & easy inventory.


Lockable compartments * and attached covers.
*(depending on model)


Prevents workplace injuries & keeps tools from falling into the wrong hands.

Comfort Design

Compact, ergonomic design for easy maneuverability.


Multiple styles & options to suit any facilityʼs needs, even for technicians who travel between multiple sites.

Satisfied tenants/guests

Respond promptly & efficiently to maintenance issues

Let’s keep in touch

Stay in the know of the latest product updates, news, and more.

Delivers a
6-month ROI*

Carts that not only improve safety and employee satisfaction but also deliver to the bottom line. See a 6-month ROI with 148 labor hours saved, per employee, per year.*

*Based on the results of The Ohio State University Department of Integrated Systems Engineering Study of the Mobile-Shop® System in use Feb-July 2009

800+ businesses and organizations trust Mobile-Shop

Efficiency on wheels

Imagine that you have the most well organized, secure, & easy to inventory maintenance shop possible. Now, imagine that you can take it with you, wherever your day takes you!

• Expert design based on the principles of 5S and Lean Six Sigma
• Easy to transport, whether up 3 flights up or the next town over
• Efficiency and professionalism for every maintenance team
• Save time and resources on every job
• Over 20 options to choose from

Find which Mobile-Shop maintenance cart is right for you:

What our customers say

Proven to effortlessly
maintain productivity

The Mobile-Shop PM Cart is everything you
need, whenever you need it.

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