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While we may be in the midst of the winter season, there are a few things to make sure your maintenance team is checking off their list to keep things running smoothly during cold temperatures.

Cooling system:

The cooling system is just as important as heat systems when it comes to winter property maintenance. After all, a properly working cooling system prevents ice from building inside your HVAC units.
Start by powering off your chillers and cooling towers for maintenance. Next, drain all units that are not in use and inspect them for debris, ice, and snow buildup. Your specialists should also winterize outside units by wrapping them in plastic.

Calibrate thermostats:

Correctly working thermostat ensures convenient and accurate temperature control — something you’ll need in your building during extremely cold weather. Calibrated temperature controls for central HVAC systems also help reduce energy bills that can get quite high in cold seasons.

It would be best if you also attuned the thermostat so that the indoor temperature doesn’t differ too much from the weather outside. On top of that, you can reduce CO2 emissions and power consumption by replacing old equipment with proper thermostats.

Examine plumbing and irrigation systems:

If you don’t want to replace your commercial plumbing systems, add preventative piping maintenance to your checklist.

You should examine the piping, faucets, and drain houses on your property. We also recommend insulating water supply lines to ensure optimal thermal performance and prevent freeze-ups. To do that, simply have someone tape your pipes with tape or rubber-based products.

Doors and windows:

Doors and windows can contain barely noticeable gaps that leak hot air and let the cold inside. That’s why you should expand your office building maintenance checklist with check-ups of frames, windows, and interior and exterior walls. You don’t need to renovate everything — a simple duct tape might do the trick most of the time.

Develop an emergency plan:

You don’t know what the climate has in store for you, nor can you anticipate the snow density and volume. Having an emergency plan is crucial for winter property maintenance to prevent damage to your building and ensure the safety of your employees.

At the very least, you should prepare the following:
· Detailed course of action in case of blizzards, heavy snowfalls, and other harsh conditions
· Snow removal and deicing equipment
· Emergency car kits and first-aid kits
· Contracts with snow removal companies

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