Proudly Made in The U.S.A.


Proudly Made in The U.S.A.




  • Product Code: MS-CTB
  • Dimensions:13” W x 11” D x 15” H
  • Weight:22 lbs.

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Take every principle we used when we developed the Mobile-Shop® System, condense it into the ultimate grab-and-go tool bag and you have the award-winning Mobile-Shop® Tool Bag. This complete tool bag comes with 90 of the most commonly needed tools and parts used on a daily basis to bring efficiency to your day to day operations.

The Mobile-Shop® Tool Tote Bag shines for its effortless organization. This tool tote bag is ideal for light maintenance, maintenance in confined spaces, and portable maintenance applications and designed to benefit businesses in every market sector, including: hospitality, multifamily real estate, healthcare, commercial maintenance, retail businesses, senior living, retail and educational facilities.

Each tool is carried in its own numbered and labeled pocket, allowing you to find the tool you need quickly and inventory the entire bag in less than 30 seconds. Our Mobile-Shop® Systems are designed to be the highly functional sidekick you need to see increased productivity and bring efficiency to your business, saving you time, money, and manpower. On average, our customers see a 36% increase in productivity, 148 hours of labor saved per year, and a 2.5 month ROI.

Tool Bag Special Features

Easy to use hooks allow you to hang technician tool bags to the tool cart, ladder, chair, or anywhere else you need to easily access it. The shoulder strap allows you to comfortably carry your tool bag when not attached to any of the Mobile-Shop® Tool Carts. Enjoy two large storage areas and an empty parts box in the bottom of the tool tote bag to store additional items for a more personalized tool bag. Customize your tool bag with your company logo for extra personalization!

The Best End to End Warranty In The Business

Mobile-Shop® Systems are backed by the best warranties in the business. We take pride in building quality products for our customers. That’s why we’re proud to offer an end to end warranty replacement, where we will replace any part of your tool tote bag or other Mobile-Shop® products regardless of condition. Simply return any part of your tool tote bag or other Mobile-Shop® product for replacement as specified in the items warranty details.


Since 2004 Mobile-Shop® has committed to delivering a proven transformation in the way you work. With our products, you’ll always be prepared to get the job done while saving time, money, and manpower. The Mobile-Shop® Grab-and-Go Tool Tote Bag is available on every Mobile-Shop®  cart and for individual purchase.

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 Download the Tools & Parts List

Additional information

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 13 × 15 in
Product Options

Complete Cart with Vise ($3,630.00), Base Cart – No Tool Bag ($2,400.00), Empty Cart and Empty Toolbag ($2,550.00)