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David Milford, Mobile-Shop Company president, knows how daunting property turnovers and seasonal maintenance projects can be not to mention prone to mistakes if you don’t have the right system in place. Before joining the Mobile-Shop Company, David worked for years in maintenance and property management. “Whether you’re a school trying to complete multiple projects during the summer months, or an apartment experiencing multiple vacancies at the same time, organization is key to making sure that nothing important gets neglected or forgotten,” David states. Having a good punch list that everyone takes ownership of certainly helps. Noting that he still sees frequent posts on message boards asking industry associates for a good written punch list that can be printed out, David decided to share two of his old punch lists:

One for the maintenance technicians to use

One for the walkthrough by the property manager

Tips for a Smooth Turn-Unit Process

When it comes to turning units and completing seasonal maintenance in a timely manner, efficiency is key; and efficiency requires good organization and a streamlined approach. In addition to all team members having a good punch list, doing daily standups with your team helps ensure good communication regarding daily and weekly goals, and how each team member’s work helps to achieve the goals.

While it’s important for your team to work off a checklist and know priorities, it’s even more important to make sure they have the parts and tools with them that they will need to complete all tasks. Providing a system to help with organizing and carrying tools and parts means jobs can be completed the first time with fewer mistakes, without having to cut corners, and with higher levels of productivity. And nothing is worse for employee morale than being on a tight timeline, and having to waste time and energy running back and forth to retrieve the things they need to complete the job. How does your team currently organize and transport tools and parts to different jobs?

How the PM Cart Helps

Introducing the Complete PM Cart – the ultimate solution for completing unit turns and other seasonal maintenance projects quickly and efficiently. Whether you need a work surface and vise to cut a piece of pipe, or a ladder to access ceiling fixtures, this one cart has got you covered. Essential plumbing and electric supplies, as well as an outlet tester, are all part of a system designed with one goal in mind: To keep you from having to make multiple trips back to the same job site. Last minute discovery of a hole in the drywall? No worries, your mud knives and spackle are right there, along with an onboard shop vac and spray bottles for quick cleanups. No need to call in the cleaning crew for last-minute items; you’ve got this covered.

Learn more about PM Cart today – a Maintenance Innovation Awards Winner capable of powering up performance on all levels – so that you, too, can experience smooth sailing on all of your seasonal maintenance projects!