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Most job site accidents can be avoided. Keep your staff and facility safe by maintaining proper procedures and ensuring your facility maintenance team has the right equipment to keep accidents to a minimum! There are many aspects to maintaining your commercial property, and a large factor is adequately training and preparing your maintenance team. Set them up for success by considering these safety hazards and learning how to avoid them.

Looking to increase the organization and efficiency of your maintenance department? Look no further than the award-winning, battle-tested Mobile-Shop maintenance carts, which have been proven to increase overall facility maintenance safety and productivity.

Hazardous Conditions for Maintenance Workers

Maintenance workers can be exposed to electrical hazards, chemical fumes, falling debris, and other life-threatening hazards on the job. While some risks are part of the job, most safety managers will tell you that accidents are more likely to happen when workers cut corners – (usually to save time!) – rather than following proper safety protocols.

Chemical Exposure

One common threat facility maintenance workers face is exposure to hazardous chemicals. This is particularly true for those working in manufacturing, construction, and healthcare industries. Inhalation, skin contact, and ingesting hazardous chemicals can cause short and long-term health problems for workers.

To mitigate this threat, your maintenance workers should be adequately trained in handling hazardous chemicals, have access to personal protective equipment (PPE), and understand the procedures to follow in case of exposure.

Keep your staff safe by ensuring they have everything they need on hand, so they are always prepared.

Check out the study conducted by The Ohio State University on our site, which found that the design of our portable maintenance cart conformed to sound lean design principles (5S and LeanSigma). This positively impacted both the continuity and quality of work effort by reducing the number of back-and-forth trips from the job site in order to retrieve needed tools.

Stay calm, take your time, and stay safe with Mobile-Shop!

Physical Injuries


Facility maintenance workers are often involved in physically demanding tasks like lifting heavy equipment in high-level areas or confined spaces. These tasks expose workers to the risk of physical injuries and fall accidents.

Prioritize safety by providing equipment such as harnesses, protection guards, and safety nets. Additionally, it is crucial to train maintenance workers on proper lifting and working techniques to keep them safe.

Lessen the strain on your maintenance workers by providing them with a maintenance cart from the Mobile-Shop, which reduces the effort of transporting everything they need for their job – even the ladder!

Electrical Hazards

Electrical hazards are common in maintenance work. Whether they are working with appliances or lighting, if electrical wires are involved, they are exposed to risks of electrical accidents.

This can result in serious electrical burns, electric shocks, and electrocution. To mitigate this risk, workers must have training in working with electrical devices and strict safety protocols.

Prepare your team by providing them with the correct equipment and making sure that they always have it with them. If something looks like an easy fix, but your maintenance worker does not have the correct equipment, they may improvise to avoid adding time to the work order. Prevent any possible life-risking scenarios by setting your maintenance team up for safe success.

And for work above ceiling or in confined spaces, our complete tool bag, which securely carries every tool in its own labeled pocket, is just the ticket.

Mental Health

Your maintenance team is the front line of your business. Maintenance workers may experience psychological and emotional stress as a result of their demanding work. Short timeframes for completing work orders, unhappy tenants or guests, and conflicting priorities on tight schedules, all take a toll, especially if your team is short-staffed.

Invest in your team and provide them with professional equipment to ease the added strains of carrying heavy equipment back and forth to the job site. Increase job satisfaction by equipping them to do their best without wasting time and energy. When job satisfaction increases, your entire operation will run smoothly, and you will see how a happy, productive maintenance team benefits your property and your business.

Repetitive Strain Injuries

Maintenance workers who engage in high-repetition tasks, such as drilling, hammering, or scrubbing surfaces, experience a high risk of developing repetitive strain injuries. Poor ergonomics conditions can result in joint pains, stress injuries, and chronic back pains.

Ensure that your maintenance team has safe, ergonomic conditions such as adjustable workbenches, adjustable chairs, and proper training in lifting techniques.

Mobile-Shop maintenance carts, which are ergonomically designed and conform to sound lean design principles (5S and Lean Sigma).

Lessen the wear and tear of transporting tools and equipment, and avoid injury due to physical strain.

Mobile-Shop Protects Your Maintenance Team

Accidents happen, but you can lessen the chance of injury by providing your facility maintenance team with proper equipment that prioritizes safety and benefits overall productivity. It’s a win-win! No matter the industry, there’s a Mobile-Shop maintenance cart model suited best for your team’s needs. Request your estimate and prepare your maintenance team for safe and professional success!