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Founded to Redefine Maintenance Efficiency

Mobile-Shop Company, LLC was founded in 2004, with a mission to redefine facility maintenance by applying 5S and Lean Six Sigma principles to develop products that increase productivity, efficiency, and professionalism for maintenance operations in all types of businesses and organizations. 

The team who engineered our first full-service mobile maintenance cart was acting out of their own frustration at seeing how many excellent maintenance professionals did not have the right tools or parts to do their jobs successfully in a timely manner. They were well aware of how the time wasted looking for and retrieving tools and parts was affecting their bottom line. That original mobile maintenance cart – the first of its kind in the industry – has since been named the HT Engineering Cart and is still one of our best sellers. 

Since then, in response to the diverse needs of our customers, we have developed numerous other mobile maintenance carts and ancillary products, and we continue to develop new solutions to this day.

In April of 2022 David Milford, President of Mobile-Shop Company since 2020, became the owner. David has played an integral role in the design and manufacture of every one of our portable maintenance carts, and his first love remains in talking to new customers about our various options that will benefit them the most. He takes customer service very seriously and always invites feedback. You can reach him on his cell phone at (614) 429-8985, or at dmilford@mobile-shop.com.

We are proud that our products are still constructed from quality US steel in our Columbus, Ohio factory. We are even prouder when we hear from customers that using our carts has increased employee satisfaction, has raised tenant, resident, and customer satisfaction scores, and has helped organizations meet their workplace safety goals.

Where to Buy Mobile-Shop

While we would welcome the opportunity to deal directly with every one of our customers – and can often provide you with the most competitive pricing – we recognize that our customers have beneficial relationships with other large suppliers. We are grateful for the distributor relationships we have established with some of the most respected distributors in North America, including WW Grainger, HD Supply/Home Depot Pro, Fastenal, and Ferguson. 

Talk with our team and find your cart: