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For maintenance professionals, facility managers, and teams within the hospitality and healthcare sectors, the H30 Cart redefines efficiency, security, and organization in maintenance operations. Crafted to meet the demanding needs of today’s maintenance environments, the H30 Cart is not merely a tool cart and organizer; it’s an indispensable partner in ensuring operational excellence and professionalism.



174 lbs.


39 ½” H x 36” D x 16”W, 43” top of vise

Keep Your Tools Safe & Secure: Fully Lockable Storage Cart

Join countless satisfied facilities in improving workplace safety & employee satisfaction.

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    I’ve learned how important maintenance is to a hotel’s bottom line. A professional, effective and responsive maintenance staff is the mark of a great hotel. It’s frustrating to see how many excellent maintenance professionals do not have the right tools to do their jobs successfully in a timely manner. You can’t afford not to implement Mobile-Shop at your hotel.”

    Anthony Melchiorri

    Hospitality Executive and Creator, The Travel Channel’s Hotel Impossible

    Introducing the H30 Cart: The Ultimate Solution for Maintenance Excellence

    Designed as a response to the voiced needs of our valued healthcare and nursing facility customers for enhanced security and lockability features, the H30 Cart now stands as a favored choice across a wide variety of settings. This tool cart is known for significantly advancing maintenance productivity and efficiency and ensuring tools’ utmost security, preventing them from falling into unauthorized hands. It boasts a lockable tool module alongside lockable storage drawers, empowering maintenance teams to provide swift, effective service in environments where safety and security are paramount.

    Unique Selling Points That Set This Tool Cart Apart

    What truly sets the H30 Cart apart is its comprehensive approach to security, reliability, and convenience. Its rugged construction and lockable storage options make it a standout choice for professionals who value safeguarding their tools and equipment. The inclusion of professional quality tools and specialized maintenance items like a shop vac and plunger with sanitary options speaks to this tool cart’s tailored design for the maintenance industry.

    Designed for the Professionals Who Demand Excellence

    The H30 Cart is engineered for individuals who are serious about their work—maintenance professionals and facility managers in hospitality and healthcare who understand that efficiency and effectiveness are paramount. It’s more than a tool cart; it’s a testament to your commitment to quality, professionalism, and peak performance in maintaining facilities.

    In a world where the details matter and performance is paramount, choose wisely with the H30 Cart. Elevate your maintenance game, secure your tools, and increase your efficiency with this all-in-one solution designed specifically for the challenges faced by modern maintenance teams.


    Increase maintenance efficiency and productivity

    Reduce guest and tenant complaints

    Maximize workplace safety

    Improve employee satisfaction

    Beyond the Tool Cart: Key Features That Elevate Performance

    • Unparalleled Security: With five substantial lockable storage drawers featuring re-deployable dividers, a lockable front cabinet* for a removable tool module, and a tool bag with a privacy cover, the H30 Cart ensures your tools are secure yet readily accessible. This heightened security means peace of mind, knowing your professional quality tools are protected against theft or misuse.
    • Professional Quality Tools Included: The H30 Cart includes over 80 professional-grade tools*, a high-performance wet/dry shop vac, and a unique sanitary toilet plunging solution— with disposable liners and a dedicated carrying case. This array of tools guarantees you’re prepared for any maintenance task, from the routine to the unexpected.
    • Mobility Reimagined: Featuring wide, durable, non-marring wheels, the H30 Cart is designed to traverse various surfaces smoothly without leaving marks or damage. The adjustable handle facilitates easy maneuvering and doubles as an additional work surface, enhancing its functionality.
    • Versatile Storage and Workspaces: Beyond tool storage, the H30 Cart innovates with a solid work surface equipped with a bench vise, ladder-carrying hooks, and dedicated spaces for clipboard/tablet storage. These features enable on-the-spot adjustments and documentation, making this tool cart a mobile workstation ready to tackle any challenge.
    • Enhanced Workflow with Thoughtful Details: From the detachable tool bag and trash receptacle to knee pads and a tarp, every aspect of the H30 Cart is designed with the user’s workflow in mind. Including a sanitary solution for toilet plunger storage and a privacy cover for the tool bag adds professionalism and consideration unmatched in the field.

    * Above-stated quantities of tools and parts apply to “Complete” option

    (Includes attached durable cover for extra security.)

    An award-winning detachable Tool Bag is included with every cart. 
    (Also sold separately.)

    5S and Lean Six Sigma compliant:

    • Compact, ergonomic design for safe handling and easy maneuverability.
    • Numbered & labeled pockets prevent tool injuries and allow you to instantly know if something is missing, making inventory a breeze.
    • Adjustable handle with additional work surface.

    Starting price $2,400 (Inquire about quantity discounts)

    Multiple options with each cart:

    • Complete (arrives with all listed tools & parts)
    • No Drill
    • Empty

    Complete 5-year warranty
    Covers everything from a broken wheel, to a broken tool

    Not sure which cart or option is right for you?
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    “(W)hen you invest in your people by providing a tool like this it lets them know how much you trust and appreciate them, and how much you want to help them do their job to the best of their ability.”
    – Bill Baike, Building Manager
    A.A. Stagg High School, Palos Hills, IL

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