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Complete Tool Bag


Experience a world of increased efficiency with our Complete Tool Bag, your ultimate companion for all maintenance tasks. Proudly made in the USA, this tool bag is designed with precision and care, embodying the craftsmanship and quality we’re known for. It is equipped with 50 professional-grade tools, meticulously selected to handle various repair and maintenance jobs. Our Complete Tool Bag is not just a product but a promise of performance and is included on every Mobile-Shop cart. We also offer it separately to ensure every craftsman can experience its unparalleled utility. Embrace the best tool bag on the market and transform your workday efficiency.



22 LBS


13” W x 11” D x 15” H

Keep All of Your Tools in a Safe & Sound While On The Job.

Unlock your true maintenance potential with our complete tool bag.
Keep all your tools in one place so you never lose a tool again.

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    Great product. Has everything I need wrapped into one well-organized bag.

    Michael Anderson

    $100 off the Complete Tool Bag

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    Experience Unmatched Versatility and Efficiency with Our Complete Tool Bag

    Discover the power of efficiency with the award-winning Mobile-Shop® Complete Tool Bag. This remarkable product is your passport to a whole new level of convenience and proficiency in the world of maintenance tasks. Every Mobile-Shop® cart comes equipped with this utility gem, and we also offer the Complete Tool Bag as a standalone product, inviting every craftsman to experience its superior utility.

    Unleash Your Craftsmanship Potential with Our All-Inclusive Tool Bag

    Curious what a Maintenance Tool Bag is? It’s your organized workspace on the move. The Mobile-Shop® Complete Tool Bag is meticulously designed with multiple compartments that keep your tools safe, secure, and within easy reach, eliminating the risk of misplacing or damaging them.

    Crafted with durability and convenience in mind, the Mobile-Shop Complete Tool Bag boasts a steel-reinforced body; it’s built to endure, never wearing out, and meticulously structured to maintain its shape through years of use. The compact design ensures it’s a space-saver, while the unparalleled organization is achieved through clearly labeled pockets, each designed for specific tools, enhancing unmatched visibility and instant, effortless access.

    The bag redefines portability, being lightweight yet sturdy, and can easily be transported with a padded steel handle or a comfortable padded shoulder strap. It incorporates rivet reinforcement for a permanently durable structure. Thanks to deep open pouches on each side of the handle, it boasts extra storage space—ideal for drills and additional tools. Constructed from waterproof ballistic nylon, the bag is highly durable and protects against tool punctures or rips. Every tool has a designated place, ensuring they remain secure, regardless of how you transport the bag.

    Additionally, the bag stands firm on any surface with level sitting knobs at the base to prevent tipping over. The bag includes a compartmentalized parts box, perfect for organizing fasteners, electrical connections, wire, and other routine parts. With the Mobile-Shop® Complete Tool Bag, a complete visual inventory of all your tools can be done in seconds, saving time and frustration.

    Experience the Superior Efficiency of Mobile-Shop in a Compact, Easy-to-Carry Package with the Complete Tool Bag

    Delve into the heart of the Mobile-Shop System, compactly embodied in the ultimate grab-and-go tool bag. With an arsenal of 50 essential tools chosen explicitly for their everyday utility, this tool bag is a shining beacon of organization and efficiency. Each tool resides in its own designated pocket, clearly labeled and numbered, ensuring you can find and access your tools swiftly and safely.

    The Complete Tool Bag excels in light maintenance tasks, operating in confined spaces, and portable maintenance applications. In use by over 10,000 maintenance professionals across various sectors like hospitality, multifamily real estate, healthcare, office, commercial maintenance, senior living, military, industrial, retail, and educational facilities, it’s not just a tool bag; it’s a testament to quality and performance. Experience the Mobile-Shop® Commitment today.

    Benefits of the Complete Tool Bag

    • Experience a workday with significantly fewer frustrations and distractions, resulting in enhanced maintenance efficiency and productivity.
    • Minimize guest and tenant complaints, fostering a harmonious working  environment that promotes peace of mind and positive relationships.
    • Maximize workplace safety and comfort, ensuring an environment where hazards are minimized and every team member feels valued. 
    • Improve employee satisfaction, cultivating a happier, more engaged workforce that feels trusted and empowered to do their job to the best of their ability.
    • Comes complete with over 50 top-grade tools, each safely stowed in its own pocket, numbered and labeled for effortless organization..
    • Convenient custom-designed hooks, perfect for hanging your tool bag on ladders, railings, or any handy spot, ensuring your tools are always within arm’s reach.
    • Includes a padded, detachable shoulder strap, thoughtfully designed to distribute weight evenly, minimizing strain and maximizing your comfort.
    • Contains two large, versatile storage areas, providing ample space for any additional equipment or essentials you need to carry.
    • Enhance your organization with an onboard parts box, offering additional storage space for smaller components or parts, keeping them safe and neatly stored until needed.

    Benefits of being 5S and Lean Six Sigma compliant:

    • Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity: Our Complete Tool Bag embodies the principle of “a place for everything, and everything in its place.” Not only can you immediately find the tool that you need, you can instantly tell if a tool is missing. This adherence to 5S principles ensures a well-organized and efficient workspace, leading to increased productivity.
    • Improved Quality Control: Lean Six Sigma principles are all about reducing waste and improving consistency in processes. Reduced time, effort, and distractions searching for tools means more time to focus on getting the job done.
    • Optimized Workflow: The consistent and logical arrangement of the tools in our bag allows for an optimized and streamlined workflow. This is an embodiment of Lean Six Sigma’s aim for process improvement and efficiency.
    • Reduced Waste: Compliance with Lean Six Sigma means our tool bag promotes maximum efficiency by minimizing waste. This saves time and resources, making your operations more sustainable.

    Complete 5-year warranty

    • Covers everything from a torn pocket to a broken tool

    Starting price $790 (Inquire for Quantity Discounts)

    Complete 5-year warranty

    • Covers everything from a torn pocket to a broken tool

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