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The Mobile-Shop®


“Our maintenance technicians are also more properly prepared to be able to cross the threshold of an apartment, complete all the required tasks in that apartment, and leave in one trip as opposed to having to go back and forth. It will help you do what you do in a more efficient and professional manner.”

– Ed GroleauSenior Director of Maintenance Operations

“I think the efficiency factor now that when we start a turnover, they take this Mobile-Shop® with them and it negates the possibility of having to run back and forth to your shop having to collect tools for each job. With the Mobile-Shop® System one can portray and project a level of professionalism.”

– Bill GreenoughRegional Property Manager, Highland Management Group

“I was really impressed with how organized and compact it was and how useful it is to my business operation. We use the Mobile-Shop® here at the office to expand our facilities and to install all the tooling for our production line. It is very useful as a self-contained shop.”

– Tim DonaldsonCEO Automatics Inc

Mobile-Shop® Industrial Maintenance Tool Cart Systems

Mobile-Shop® industrial  maintenance carts, tool bags, and mobile utility carts make it possible for businesses in every market sector to create a more efficient maintenance routine. In an era where saved time and money are critical to the success of your business, our industrial maintenance products are ready to put both back in your pocket.

Industries Served

We’ve spent nearly two decades working alongside industry professionals to create industry-specific tool bags and tool cart systems to increase efficiency while reducing waste. Here, you’ll find the best tool systems for industries like:

  • Hospitality
  • Multifamily Real Estate
  • Healthcare
  • Commercial Office
  • Senior Living
  • Education
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail

Increase Productivity & Efficiency

What if we told you our industrial maintenance products could add 140 yearly maintenance hours back into your budget? A study by the Ohio State University Department of Integrated Systems Engineering found that our industrial maintenance products can do just this, and that’s not all!

The study also discovered that maintenance crews working with our tool systems saw a 36% increase in productivity, employee satisfaction, a return on investment in 2.5 months (on average), a higher quality of work effort. Now imagine what kind of return on investment our industrial maintenance systems can bring your business?

How Our Industrial Maintenance Cart Systems Work

Mobile-Shop® industrial mobile tool carts and tool bags come fully equipped with the tools your maintenance team most often relies on for preventative, routine, and emergency maintenance situations. Our industrial mobile tool carts can also be purchased empty, giving you complete control over the right tools specific to your industry’s maintenance needs.

We also carry Cart Lockers to safely store your industrial maintenance carts, as well as highly-organized Parts Resupply Center, making it easy to clean up any cluttered, disorganized maintenance shop for added efficiency. Need to take your tools on the go? Our Golf Cart Utility Bed makes maintenance across a large space a breeze.

Industrial Tool Bags

Industrial tool bags are equipped with 90 of the most commonly used tools ideal for light and on-the-go maintenance. With this tool bag, you’ll never have to wonder if you’ve got the right tools for the job. Inventory can be taken in less than 30 seconds, making it easy to double-check your tools and reducing the need to travel back and forth to the shop getting tools.

Industrial Mobile Tool Carts

We carry an excellent selection of lightweight and heavy-duty industrial mobile tool carts for all types of industry needs. Small operations in need of easily transportable yet efficient systems will find our H30 Cart, SD Express Cart, and HT Engineering Cart to be the souped-up industrial toolbox kits they can’t believe they ever worked without. Those in need of extra work and storage space without compromising the number of quality tools will love how easy our heavy-duty tool carts like the PM Cart or Capacity Cart make any maintenance project.

In a time where even the smallest improvements in efficiency make a difference, Mobile-Shop® industrial maintenance products are here to give your maintenance department the helping hand it needs to get jobs big and small done faster, easier, and better. Shop today to discover the ways our industrial maintenance products can improve the way you work.